ALAC Rescue has become involved in Fostering Lhasas that have lost their home after Hurricane Katrina. We are in need of Foster Homes and Donations to help with our efforts. Please contact Helen Brown at lhasas@bkvsoap.com or 814-624-5136 to be considered to foster.

Donations can be made via PayPal. Because of the number of dogs we are receiving into our rescue, we do not have any foster homes available. Those individuals needing to surrender their Lhasas are ask to fill in our surrender documents and send them to your regional coordinators. You will need to keep your Lhasa until a qualified home can be located. We will make every effort to help find a home as quickly as possible.
Virtual Adoptions
Some of the Lhasas that we take into rescue end up as “Forever Fosters” because of long-term health issues, personality disorders, or even age ... please click Virtual Adoption to find out how you can help.

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any amount you can donate is greatly appreciated!
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