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September 18/03   Chenny - Vincenzo (Chenny) is a beautiful 5 year old Lhasa currently pleading to be placed in a Lhasa savvy home -- he is currently in Chihuahua Rescue and not sure about these companion critters. Then again, the chihuahuas think he is being very bossy. Chenny is utd shots and in wonderful health. He doesn't mind the vet or getting a bath, but will need muzzled for grooming. Chenny is your typical Lhasa with an attitude and needs someone who knows Lhasas. He is a sweetie and loves to sit on your lap and be petted and enjoys walks and car rides.
MaddyNovember 6/03   Maddy - is a delightful, ten-month-old purebred female Lhasa Apso. Maddy loves people, is extremely affectionate and gives a lot of kisses. She loves to play with other dogs, play fetch and is crate trained and also doing very well with her housetraining. She runs and plays with the other dogs in the yard just like a puppy should! She has beautiful markings and her feet look like they are wrapped in faux leopard fur. Maddy is the product of a backyard breeder who did not check into the genetic background of the two dogs she was breeding; therefore, Maddy has been shown to have the following conditions: Both of Maddy's hips demonstrate laxity so she may have a propensity to arthritis (but don't we all). Her right hip can be popped in and out manually but undoubtedly Maddy's ligaments will tighten up in the next 1 1/2 years as she develops -- if not, she will develop a "pseudo-joint" where the muscles hold the joint in place. Hip surgery in small dogs is generally NOT required as it is on large dogs as they do not have to carry the same weight as, let's say a 120 lb Lab. Both of Maddy's knees have luxating patellas (lateral) which is very common in many smaller breeds and usually not even noticed until they are older. No surgery is needed unless she is handled too harshly by her new family. Maddy should be continued on a supplemental regimen of Glucosamine/Chondronitin to prevent farthritis. This is an inexpensive over-the-counter medication. Keeping Maddy active and at her ideal weight will be important, as it is with all dogs. Maddy also has a "cherry" eye and occasionally the affected tear duct will sometimes temporarily appear if she is really playing very hard. Maddy has already had two homes in her short life and is hoping for a forever home. Won't you please open your heart to this special girl who is very loyal and will love you unconditionally.   ADOPTED : 12/2003
LadyAugust 27/03   Lady - was surrendered to a shelter along with four of her puppies. The puppies have been adopted and now Lady needs a home. Lady is an approximately two-year-old Lhasa/Maltese mix. Unfortunately, her coat was such a matted mess she had to be shaved down, but even without her lovely coat her beauty shines through. Lady is an energetic female who would love a home where she can be truly appreciated. She craves love and attention. Her foster mom is having trouble typing up her biography because she is pawing at my elbow for more belly rubs. She is extremely smart and listens very well. She loves everybody she meets and is excellent with children (no toddlers please - lady is too rambunctious!). She also loves to play with other dogs. She will need some basic obedience training as she is young, but learns very quickly. She walks well on a leash and is fully housetrained. Her weight now is 16 lb. A good weight for lady would be approximately 18-20 lb. She is on the larger side with long legs. No kids under 12... FENCED YARD REQUIRED!!   ADOPTED : 12/2003
JeterSeptember 9/03   Jeter - is an adorable black and white Lhasa, UTD shots, HW neg and on preventative, neutered and looking for an adult home. He just turned 2 years old this month and weighs in at 14 lbs. Jeter is a very playful pup and follows you around with his ball in his mouth looking for a game of fetch. If you happen to sit down, he'll be on your lap for belly rubs. If ignored, Jeter will lick your hand until you decide to pet him. He likes to play with other dogs and cats and taking walks with his human. Jeter is housebroken and is in excellent health. He has no problems with vet visits or being groomed (although he really doesn't like getting his nails clipped). Jeter is being surrendered because the grandchildren spend alot of time at his house. He could do better with an adult or older teenage home.   ADOPTED : 12/2003
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September 18/03   Shaggy - is a sweet and very energetic 2 year old cream colored Lhasa. He is UTD on shots and in wonderful health. Shaggy has not left the puppy stage and acts like the energizer bunny. He loves to romp, give kisses, and even play with a toy. Shaggy is currently in a no-kill shelter until a foster home becomes available, but rescue is working with the director to find the perfect home for him. He is crate trained, and walks well on a leash; it is undetermined if he is totally housetrained because of his shelter surroundings. Shaggy loves all people, and is slowly getting use to other dogs and cats in the shelter environment. He was a stray brought to the shelter and thought to have been tied outside or on the run for some time because of the condition of his coat. Now Shaggy sports a puppy cut and everyone is trying to keep him clean, even though he has other ideas.   ADOPTED : 12/2003
Sebastian and Baby DiSeptember 18/03   Sebastian & Baby Di - Baby Di is a beautiful 7 year old, 18 lb full bred female Lhasa, white/golden parti color, UTD shots, HW neg/on preventative, spayed -- and very much the lady that her name suggests. Sebastian, an almost all white male, is the son of Baby Di. He is 5 year old, 19 lb, neutered, UTD shots, HW neg/on preventative and a bundle of energy. Sebastian has the get up and go of a much younger dog and likes to run. Both are housebroken/crate trained and looking for someone to cuddle with. Both have been enjoying their walks, but neither really likes wet grass. These two were use to a fenced yard so they could run and play; they are quickly learning to walk on leashes. Sebastian and Baby Di had been dropped at a shelter that has not opened its doors. Workers completing construction were told to take the dogs in or they would be turned out in the parking lot. These two had been used by backyard breeders until they could no longer perform their "duties." They were totally matted and covered with fleas until the shelter sponsors took them in and had them professionally groomed. Since Sebastian has spent his entire life with his mother, these two need to be placed together.   ADOPTED : 12/2003
Sam, will you beeeeeee my new family?!October 9/03   Sam - Put on your glasses and take a close look. That ain't no bumblebee - that's Sam the Lhasa! Sam is a typical male Lhasa. He's 6 y/o, neutered, up to date on shots, and taking monthly heartworm preventative. Sam's mom and dad have to give him up because, as you know, Lhasas aren't fond of children and there's a new baby girl in his house. So far he's been fine with the baby, but mom and dad are getting scared. He has had excellent care and lots of love since he was a puppy, so he needs someone who will continue to do the same. Sam is a good boy but could benefit from obedience lessons, as most Lhasas would. He's a good listener and should learn pretty quickly. Someone experienced with "Lhasatude" preferred for Sam. He even comes with a couple more costumes. He'll be the best dressed dog in your neighborhood every Halloween!   ADOPTED : 11/2003
ScoutJuly 29/03   Scout - is a beautiful 6.5 year old cream Lhasa male, UTD shots and on HW preventative. He weighs 18 lbs and was born on New Years Eve '96. Scout is being surrendered because of a new baby in his home and has become jealous. Scout has been sequestered since the newborn has been brought home and needs a home where he can be loved again. He has been very loyal to his current owner and was her shadow. Scout would do best in an all adult home. He has nipped a small child that approached him outdoors and got right up to his face. Other than children, Scout has been good with strangers. He is friendly with other small dogs, but does have an attitude with large dogs. He has not had much experience with cats and will bark when he sees them. Scout does extremely well at the vets and groomers. He likes to go on long walks and likes to play with dog toys/stuffed animals. Scout thinks he needs to bark at the vacumn cleaner and also alerts when people come to the door.   ADOPTED : 11/2003
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2003   Charlie - ....and they lived Happily Ever After!! Congratulations to Charlie who now has a new Dad, as well as a new Mom! Thanks to Barry for helping Charlie make it from the shelter to this picture!   ADOPTED : 2003
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September 26/03   Scruffy - is a beautiful 2 yo male Lhasa, apricot and white, and sports a puppy cut. He is UTD on shots and is a real sweetheart. He is a large Lhasa, weighing in at about 25 lbs. Scruffy has a wonderful disposition, likes people, other dogs and even cats :0))) He is a very loving companion that would consider sharing the bed with you; he takes every opportunity to claim his human's bed.   ADOPTED : 10/03

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Foster homes needed immediately. Especially interested in foster homes for older, special needs dogs ... that means blind and/or deaf - possibly on meds.
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