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Murphy - 10 years old
Good With Other Pets: yes
Has Lhasa Ever Bitten: no

  Murphy is a very cute black & white mixed Lhasa, approximately 26 lbs. He has lived with us for 6 years following our adoption of him from a local shelter. He is a friendly, lovable dog who loves to be around people, with a princely Lhasa attitude! He does not shed at all, is well house broken and will be your constant companion. He loves rides in the car, chewing on rawhides, chasing squirrels, going for walks, being petted, attention & being close to you.

Frequent visits from our 2 yr & 4 yr old grandchildren are stressful & worrisome with Murphy; in addition, being gone many weekends this next year visiting our Freshman son at college & tighter schedules have caused us to make the decision that Murphy would be better off in a more stress-free home that can give him the time & attention he needs.

True to his breed, he lives to guard & protect his master & his household. He has a definite Lhasa temperament, he will growl and/or bite if he feels that he, something in his immediate possession or a person in the household is being threatened. He is not aggressive, but is defensive. It is very important that his owner understand his temperament & boundaries. He is a good watch dog indoors & out, he stays near & intently guards anyone who is sleeping or sitting quietly. He gets upset if there is a lot of lively action or commotion in the house & therefore should not be placed in a home with children.

Murphy recently had a vet exam, is current on all his shots & was found in good health. He has skin allergies typical of his breed and chews his front paws a lot, this may be partially due to boredom. He is on no medications but requires frequent ear hygiene to prevent infections.

Murphy would do well with a single, older person household, especially with a male. He needs an owner who can be slow & gentle but yet firm with him, willing to work with his Lhasa temperament & behavior. He will reward you by being a willing companion & watch dog and will always happily greet you at the door.

If Murphy might be a good fit for you to provide a kind & loving home for him, please call or email me for more information & additional photos. Thanks so much!
Address for Murphy - 10 years old is:
Greentown, Ohio USA,

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Added 2009/01/24
Updated 2011/04/27
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