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Lizzy - 9 years old
Good With Other Pets: yes
Has Lhasa Ever Bitten: no

  Lizzie has been ADOPTED

"Lizzy" is a nine year old female Lhasa Apso. Like her breed, she is sooooooooooooo adorable. Lizzy has been raised in a loving home her whole life. She is recently looking for a new home due to health issues of her current owner. She is good with the five dogs she lives with in her foster home. As far as kids, she would do best without small children since she was not raised with them. She is used to lots of friends and family visiting the house and is super friendly to everyone. She has a low to moderate energy level which would match well with a new family of the same lifestyle. She would not be a good jogging partner! But she does love to walk on the leash: she trots along like a very proud little Lhasa! Lizzy is currently living in Barrington, Illinois. If you are interested in adopting Lizzy.
Address for Lizzy - 9 years old is:
Barrington, Illinois USA,

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Added 2009/01/25
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