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Scruffy - 6 years old
Good With Other Pets: yes
Has Lhasa Ever Bitten: no

  ADOPTED, Staying with Mom!!

My name is Scruffy, and I am 6 years old. I am an active, fun-loving dog. My current mom has tried to give me the best life she could, but she has to work and I am home alone every day. She is moving back east soon and doesn't want to put me through moving back, only to have me sit alone in the house all day again. We love each other very much, but she is afraid she isn't giving me the best life possible. We would love it if I could live in a home where I could go for a walk and chase after my squeek toys with someone every day. I am a little on the spoiled side and get a Greenie after every meal. I love my Greenies!! I have never lived with another dog, but I do love the bigger dogs I see, and sometimes get to play with, at the groomer's. I am sometimes a little skittish, and don't like being hugged too tightly, so a child-free household, where I could have all your love and attention, would most likely be best for me. My mom says I am smart because I know all my squeek toys by name, and that I am very funny sometimes. She says I have big brown eyes that could break your heart. I have medication that I have to take for the separation anxiety that I get when my mom leaves me for the day, so if you are someone who has lots of love and time to spend, can afford my medication, and to keep me in Greenies, please let my current mom know.
Address for Scruffy - 6 years old is:
Phoenix, Arizona USA,

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Added 2009/01/25
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