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Rufus 7 years old
Good With Other Pets:
Has Lhasa Ever Bitten: Once, he bit me, but I frightened him, so it was my fault he bit me. He hasn't bitten me again

  **Update-As of August 2009, my Rufus has been adopted by a wonderful family.** Thank you so much for your rescue site.

Rufus has a tremendously curious streak, he feels the need to investigate almost everything. He is a very funny boy. Many times I think that Rufus thinks he is a person. Rufus is approximately 7 years old. I rescued him from a pet store, where the family who had purchased him kept him tied in their back yard for the first year of his life, he was also beaten and hardly fed, and they brought him back to the pet store. If I hadn't taken him, they would have put him in the pound, he only would have had 3 days for someone to adopt him before the unthinkable would have happened. So he went from being abused to becoming more like an only child who is loved and unfortunately I spoiled him. His favorite food is chicken-baked, sometimes chicken and some rice. He will also eat green beans as long as they're cut up small in with the other food. He also eats Purina Moist & Meaty, and he does have his favorite treats as well.

He has been an only dog for the past 5 or 6 years, so I don't know how he would react to a home with other dogs. When I take him for walks (which he loves) he us usually friendly with the dogs who are friendly & of course they say "hello". I have found that a lot of the dogs around where I live are fairly aggressive and obviously unfriendly. I just try to keep him to the side when we encounter this type of dog. He tends to like everyone quickly, he is very friendly. He likes to be brushed, sometimes he will come over & bark a couple of times, and when asked what he wants he will use his paw & tap the brush. He likes to hide his treats & then bark for you to come find it, then he must protect it, and during this he usually wants the top of his head lightly scratched. As you can tell I do love him, and he is my friend. I just want someone to give him a good home, and love him. His favorite toys are the stuffed squeaky animals.
Address for Rufus 7 years old is:
2501 Riverside Drive, Apt 314, Coral Springs, Florida USA, 33065

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Added 2009/06/07
Updated 2009/08/12
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