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Presley - 10 years old
Good With Other Pets: Definite NO to cats and large dogs, seems to be okay w/dogs her size or smaller.
Has Lhasa Ever Bitten: Not that I'm aware of.

  Presley is ADOPTED - July 2008

Presley belonged to my mother but sadly, she passed away and now we've inherited Presley. Presley has not adapted well to our 'on-the-go' lifestyle as well as with our pets. While she is normally affectionate and playful, she becomes the 'dog from hell' around our three cats who she terrorizes. We also have a 10 month old 130 lb mastiff that she also does not like and harrasses! Everyone in our household is stressed and miserable, including Presley. She MUST be adopted out soon and with a responsible and compassionate person/family. I think a senior citizen would be ideal or someone who is home a great deal of time. Presley is in good health but does have a dry eye condition which requires twice daily eye drops.
Address for Presley - 10 years old is:
Clinton, Connecticut USA,

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Added 2009/01/25
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