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Bogie 7 years
Good With Other Pets: yes - see above
Has Lhasa Ever Bitten: no

  We are looking for a loving home for a 7 year old Lhaso Apso, named Bogie.

He was the adored pet of my parents, who both sadly past away this year; This of course has left Bogie an orphan. No one in the family is able to take him and he needs a loving home.

He is great with other dogs except really young pups. He barks a lot at them; nothing more. Bogie mostly keeps to himself with other dogs because I think he thinks he is a person! He will be a great companion for someone.

Address for Bogie 7 years is:
102 Blythewood Ct, cary, North Carolina USA, 27513

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Added 2010/10/26
Updated 2011/04/27
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