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Berkley - 8 years old
Good With Other Pets: yes
Has Lhasa Ever Bitten: yes

  Update - Staying With Family!!

Please remove Berkley from your listings. We have decided we could never give him up and have made the necessary adjustments to our schedules to keep him happy. - 5/2008

Berkley is an 8 year old Lhasa Apso. He has made lots of moves with me and is very well-traveled. I now live in Manhattan and sadly -- very very sadly -- do not have a schedule that allows me the time to be with him as much as he deserves and my girlfriend is extremely allergic. It has been a very hard decision, but I am hoping to find a wonderful home for him, one that will provide him with the love and attention he needs. He is a great lap and city-strutting dog. He loves walks, plays very well with others in the doggie park, is very good with cats, and is content to lounge on your legs all evening if you will let him. He weighs 10 pounds, is neutered, and is up to date on all shots. His daily routine includes a walk in the morning and a longer one in the evening. He never has accidents in the apartment, is very social, has a great disposition, and is insta-best friends with anyone who stops to pet him for a second. He lost an eye when he was a puppy and has never had any problems with navigating. His wink makes him all the more cute. He would be an excellent family dog.
Address for Berkley - 8 years old is:
New York, New York USA,

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Added 2009/01/25
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