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Raz-5 years old
Good With Other Pets: no
Has Lhasa Ever Bitten: yes

  We are looking for a home for Raz with people who are experienced with willful Lhasa Apsos. He's smart and can be a good boy but right now he is so stressed that he is not happy with us and we don't know how to deal with him. We love him and he loves us but it is just not working out! He seems to thrive when he's assured his people are in charge so he doesn't have to make himself crazy trying to take over. A quiet home where he doesn't have to cope with the comings and goings of teenagers and a regular schedule would be ideal for him. A donation to the rescue will be required as well as references and home visit. If you are the kind of person who can deal with his challenges, please call Christine at: 410-721-0053 or  
Address for Raz-5 years old is:
8455 Imperial Dr., Laurel, Maryland USA, 20708

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Added 2012/11/19
Updated 2012/11/20
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