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Welcome to the Lhasa Owner Posting Board
Available dogs are listed below on this page

Donations can be made via PayPal. Because of the number of dogs we are receiving into our rescue, we do not always have foster homes available. Those individuals using our Owner Lhasa Posting service are asked to please make a donation, we ask that you donate only as much as you can afford.

If you have any questions or need help, please contact Christine Hutchinson: Thank you for thinking of rescue!

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Available Owner Posted Lhasas
Raz-5 years old More Info
Owners Name: Erin Williams
Location: Laurel, Maryland

Added 2012/11/19 | Updated 2012/11/20
Viewed 7905 times
Aurora Blue 10 months More Info
Owners Name: Julie Kidby
Location: Stafford, Virginia

Added 2012/11/05 | Updated 2012/11/08
Viewed 7221 times
Ashley, 7 years Visit Website | More Info
Owners Name: Karen Schlais
Location: Medford, Wisconsin

Added 2011/10/24 | Updated 2012/11/09
Viewed 7093 times
Willie 9 Yrs old More Info
Owners Name: Ray Berntsen & Joanne Will
Location: Deer Park, New York

Added 2011/09/30 | Updated 2012/11/09
Viewed 5947 times
Bogie 7 years More Info
Owners Name: Scott
Location: cary, North Carolina

Added 2010/10/26 | Updated 2011/04/27
Viewed 7303 times
Vinnie 10 years old More Info
Owners Name: Tamera
Location: Edmond, Oklahoma

Added 2010/09/08 | Updated 2011/04/27
Viewed 6929 times
Duff, age 3 More Info
Owners Name: Anne O'Brien
Location: Pearl River, New York

Added 2010/04/29 | Updated 2011/04/27
Viewed 8998 times
Tobey-8 years old More Info
Owners Name: Julie Sliwinski
Location: Brownstown, Michigan

Added 2009/12/03 | Updated 2011/04/27
Viewed 9350 times
Toto - 7 years old More Info
Owners Name: Jennie Rosier
Location: Lafayette, Indiana

Added 2009/01/24 | Updated 2011/04/27
Viewed 9457 times
Murphy - 10 years old More Info
Owners Name: Susan Steele
Location: Greentown, Ohio

Added 2009/01/24 | Updated 2011/04/27
Viewed 8479 times