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Why Not Adopt To Families With Young Children

Please Do Not Fill Out An Application If You Have Children Under 12
Although we see the scenarios below all too often, it is mainly for the Liability of our rescue and safety of the adopting families and our dogs that we simply cannot adopt to families with children under 12 years of age. While many families have children that are accustomed to having pets and are responsible around pets we have no way of knowing many of the dogs in our rescue's prior history. Many have been abused, teased, neglected and led very hard and sad lives. So to insure the safety of our available dogs and the families adopting them we have had to implement and enforce this rule. Please understand we only want what is best for all involved.

True Story 1:
"Hi, My name is Daniel. My wife Nicole and I have had a Lhasa Apso "Buddy" for 2 years now. We purchased him new at a pet store. He is a great dog but he is agitated by being around our children. The pet store said they were an ideal breed for families and sold him to us. We all love him very much and it breaks our heart to have to put him up for adoption but he has bitten each of our children. He does great when with just adults. Please assist us in any way you can."

True Story 2:
A typical letter from someone with a toddler and Lhasa...(the Lhasa came first, as is usual in these situations).

We own a thirteen pound seven year old Lhasa Apso. It is extremely smart and very fun to have around. It is incredibly affectionate and a very good companion. It, however, has bitten our three year old daughter in the face when she pulled its ears in a split second while we were not able to over see her actions. We are going to have to get rid of her. We are not able to put forth the necessary time to professionally train her, and also, I am not willing to discover the training did not work when she bites my daughter again. I am afraid I encouraged this behaviour by tolerating her little temper snaps before we had children. We even thought her raising her teeth was cute when we had no kids. Now, it is too late for us... We need to get the dog out of my house... and soon.
... The excerpts above are from actual letters we have received.